Unraveling the
Chaos of Social Media
to Provide Actionable Data

Roger Garfield

Mining public data to provide golden nuggets
to help our clients efficiently and cost effectively
achieve their mission.

The Three I's


Roger Garfield

We use artificial intelligence in a unique
way to develop and expand public data
to provide clients with meaningful
actionable information.


Roger Garfield

Only i3ops can uniquely assimilate
massive amount of public
data quickly into managable,
useful form in real time!


Roger Garfield

Intelligence and Information or only as powerful as
the capability of them to actually influence behavior.
I3ops proprietary AI does just that and is able to
synthesize intelligence and information into action.


Unravel the chaos of social media to provide manageable data to identify and monitor persons of interest.

Mine public data to provide golden nuggets for the public sector.

Social media is here to stay. While we typically monitor major social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, we can go deeper. Most of all, we are adaptable and will always be ahead of the curve as social media evolves with new and perhaps even more important players.

To serve the public sector with a state-of-the-art tool that provides actionable intelligence within an ethical and practical framework.

The public data on social media comprise a treasure trove.

Certainly, but we provide ethical guidelines to prevent abuse. And we can consult with a client to optimize the interface between our public data and the client’s nonpublic data.

Only i3ops can uniquely assimilate massive amounts of public data quickly and put the data in manageable, useful form, and do so in real time! And then there’s the “special cause” the unique way we use artificial intelligence to develop and expand information to provide the client with data that the client may or may not combine with nonpublic data and, in any case, act proactively or preemptively.